Baseball is a game that is widely played in many parts of the world today. It is indeed an interesting game ranging from the playing style to the cool gear you put on when playing the game.

However in order to strive in the pitch you have to choose the right equipment for the job. The Drop 5 baseball bat offers an upper hand in that.

What is a drop 5 baseball bat?


This is basically a bat whose weight and length have a difference of 5 ounces. This means that a 32 inch baseball bat has to have a weight of 27 ounces in order to be considered as a best drop 5 baseball bat. Nevertheless, drop 5 baseball bats come in different shapes, sizes, weight and material hence you need to know what to specifically go for.

What to consider when buying a Drop 5 baseball bat.


Baseball bats vary in length ranging from 25 to 33 inches. The choice of a bat is best determined by the players height and weight.

Tall players will require longer bats contrary to the short ones. Bat sizing charts aid a lot in determining a bats length in relation to the players height.


It is usually very difficult to determine the weight of a bat in relation to the player using it. This is because the swing of the bat depends on ones size and strength.

Baseball bats get heavier as their drop decreases hence the drop 5 bats carry more weight. It is therefore recommended that the older you grow the more you reduce your drops for better performance.

Bats with big barrels carry more weight than the ones that do not. It is however strongly recommended to try out different bats in order to determine the one that is most suitable for your playing style.


Drop 5 baseball bats are made of different materials. This leads to a variation in texture ,feel ,speed and performance of the bats. The Aluminum big barrel bats give a more traditional feel as they make the common ‘ping’ sound when in contact with the ball.

The composite Big barrel drop 5 bats on the other hand offer a more comfortable grip. They are designed to reduce the sting in the hands and offer a slightly better sweet spot to hit the ball.


Baseball bats vary in prices a lot ranging from the common wood bat to the advanced hybrid bat. You have to know what game play befits you, the competition requirements and the bats’ features before buying one.

This can help you save a lot than when buying the wrong bat for the right purpose.


In Conclusion, buying a baseball bat entails many details put into consideration. This is because buying the wrong baseball bat can give the competitor an upper hand over you or make you get disqualified from the tournament. Always consider this when purchasing a baseball bat.


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